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Welcome to our Safety Lockers business, the most promising venture in Tamil Nadu. We specialize in providing secure storage solutions tailored to our customers’ needs with the flexibility to customize sizes. Our range of lockers includes both mechanical and digital lock types, offering advanced security options. As our priority lies in safeguarding your valuables, we stand by the motto, “Your safety is our utmost concern.” Trust our expertise and experience to provide you with reliable and customized safety lockers, ensuring peace of mind for you and your possessions.

Model: PSN-001

Capacity: 53 litres
Dimension : 18*15*12 Inches
Weight: 35 kg
Lock type: Mechanical

Model: PSN-002

Capacity: 67 litres
Dimension : 15*15*18 Inches
Weight: 45 kg
Lock type: Mechanical

Model: PSN-003

Capacity: 190 litres
Dimension: 24*20*24 Inches
Weight: 95 kg
Lock type: Mechanical

Model: PSN-006

Capacity: 130 litres
Dimension : 18*18*24 Inches
Weight: 85 kg
Lock type: Digital

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